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Welcome to my website. A selection of new material of all kinds is listed below.

You may be interested in my online papers, reading lists, CV, my PhD thesis, my polemic against the gratuitous use of LaTeX, or my advice on how to win arguments and look good in seminars.

My more whimsical web creations include my birthday playlist, flags of the world given letter grades, symptoms of depression also given letter grades, and my shrine to Bud Christman.

And there is a partial list of software I have written.

What’s new…

Donald and me20 Mar 2016

If you are sick of hearing about Donald Trump, now is the time to stop reading. Indeed by the time you are reading this, it may be that Trump has disappeared from history, returned to the world of reality TV, or led a fascist overthrow of American democracy. But at the time I’m writing, he’s still contending for the Republican nomination for US president.

The career move that dare not speak its name15 Mar 2016

“As we all know, the only sensible reason to be an academic is because you like doing it. So the only sensible thing to do if your job becomes a cross that you must bear, rather than a vocation, is to ditch it. That is showing commitment to academia—as opposed to a misguided fetish for academic employment.”

My guest post on why it should be OK to resign an academic job is up on daily nous.

John Schwenkler has also written a piece on a similar theme, which mentions me in the same paragraph as Martha Nussbaum. I am flattered!

Cass, by Rita Angus28 Dec 2015

My contribution to “100 Philosophers 100 Artworks 100 Words” is online at Aesthetics for Birds. I chose “Cass”, by Rita Angus, 1936.

Can ISIS conquer the world?17 Nov 2015

Back during the 1980s, when I was a teenager, I used to lie in bed at night worrying about whether a totalitarian regime, such as the Soviet Union, a resurgent Nazism, or a totalitarian Christian state arising from the ashes of the America of Reagan and Falwell, might someday permanently conquer the world. Could a vision of the future truly be a jackboot stamping on a human face, forever?

Thoughout the happy and peaceful ’90s that seemed a bad dream. But now in retrospect it is the 90s that was the odd decade out - a brief interlude between two clashes of civilisations. Is it possible that liberal democracy could be on the way out, that the future belongs to the fanatics of Islamic State (IS)?

Birthday playlist13 Sep 2015

For my 42nd birthday I compiled a playlist consisting of a song that I like published each year I have been alive up to 2012 (I will try to fill in 2013-2015 as I find songs). There were some difficult choices. Here is the complete annotated list. I will try to keep it up to date.

The symbol ★ indicates particularly good music videos.

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I am a Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy at Corpus Christi College and an Associate Professor in the Oxford Philosophy Faculty. I work on metaphysics, philosophy of language, logic, meta-ethics, ethics, and other bits of philosophy.

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